Sewing Classes

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Sewing Ages 6-8

No prior experience is required and all the sewing materials are supplied. Children learn to hand sew, trace, cut fabric pieces & pin as well as learn how to use a sewing machine to make basic seams. Hand sewing skills develop finger dexterity and fine motor skills as well as teach the value of patience. Example projects include: Pillowcase, Apron and tote bags. Children also participate in the Fashion show at the end of the semester.

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Sewing Ages 9 to 11 +

Children learn how to read advance patterns, construct garments and fashion designing. At this level, instructors step back a little and allow the kids own vision and desire to create shine through. They will bring their ideas to life, improving their problem solving and creative thinking skills. At the end of the semester the children will be putting on a fashion show to show off their projects. The look of accomplishment and pride on their faces will make your heart swell!

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